Dubb Indian Restaurant

May 6, 2010 00:50 by haci
Set in a restored Ottoman house in Sultanahmet, Dubb Indian Restaurant is a genuine and inexpensive dining option for visitors to the old town. The Restaurant is set over three floors and has a roof terrace with views over Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and Sultanahmet Square. Chef Vinod Kumar Chou... [More]

Karakoy Gulluoglu

May 6, 2010 00:45 by haci
Situated in the Galata district of Istanbul, the pastry shop called Karakoy Gulluglu is probably the best place to buy baklava in the city. Situated just over the Golden Horn from Eminonu, the nearest tram stop is Karakoy. Customers can buy at least 20 different types of baklava either in kilogram... [More]

Magnaura Cafe & Restaurant

May 6, 2010 00:39 by haci
While at first glance Magnaura Café might appear much the same as the other tourist-oriented restaurants on Akbiyik Caddesi, it stands out for its excellent food and service. The menu ranges from Turkish and Ottoman cuisine to international standards. Particularly notable are the steaks—the Marble S... [More]

Mozaik Restaurant Istanbul

May 6, 2010 00:32 by haci
Rumeli Café and Mozaik are two restaurants in Sultanahmet, located in the historical part of Istanbul, that stand out of the crowd for several reasons. First of all they don’t (falsely) promise you a terrace with a supposedly great view, but instead offer a nice, relaxing atmosphere. And most import... [More]

Buhara Restaurant

May 6, 2010 00:25 by haci
We were born in 1993 in Sultanahmet Nakilbent street for serving to you best foods.. For years we are serving to you traditional turkish mezes, and lunchs and dinners. Our special food is Buhara Special Kebab and Turkish Special Kebab. Do you know where the kebab is coming from ?   Kebab... [More]

Olive Restaurant Istanbul

May 6, 2010 00:18 by haci
Olive Restaurant is the first terrace restaurant in the old town Istanbul. Olive Restaurant is a part of Yaşmak Hotels which has the experience of hospitality since 1955. At Olive Restaurant, you can feel the past and present together. You will pursue the trace of history just by looking at the Pano... [More]

Khorasani Restaurant

May 6, 2010 00:12 by haci
Divanyolu Caddesi Ticarethane Sokak No: 39/41 34120 Sultanahmet Sultanahmet, İstanbul Telefon: 0212 519 59 59 Web: http://www.khorasanirestaurant.com

Yengec Fish Restaurant

May 6, 2010 00:07 by haci
We are at your service YENGEÇ Fish Restaurant Istanbul,Kumkapı Historical fish restaurants center to serve the tourists.You can find all kinds of delicious ,tasty and fresh sea food in YENGEÇ.You can Spend pleasant time ordering best quality fish,all kinds of fresh sea food,kinds of meat ,special... [More]

Turquoise Restaurant Istanbul

May 6, 2010 00:05 by haci
TURQUOISE RESTAURANT is a new restaurant in Sultanahmet. I believe it's across the street from Hotel Zuegma. The address is Cankurtaran Mahallesi Akbiyik Cassesi No: 40. While the menu items were fairly standard (kebabs, fish, etc) the presentation of the food and the wonderful service really stood ... [More]

Asitane Restaurant

May 6, 2010 00:01 by haci
Asitane Restaurant is located in Edirnekapi, considered by many to be one of the most important areas of historical Istanbul. The restaurant lies in the shadow of the mighty Chora Church which is famous for its mosaics and is one of the most important and well kept buildings of the Byzantine era. Lo... [More]

Istanbul Restaurant & Cafe & Lounge

May 5, 2010 23:56 by haci
OWNING a restaurant is not unlike owning a carnival. You must be a relentless promoter, a tireless and demanding boss and, above all, ready to pick up and move on short notice. Consider Kazan Turkish Cuisine and its owner, Ercument Sakman.For five years, Mr. Sakman owned Turkish Cuisine, a very good... [More]

Neyzade Restaurant

May 5, 2010 23:53 by haci
Take a note of what you eat,you may not see it again. Regional Turkish Cuisine. Neyzade restaurant, decorated with the minimalist approach to ottoman palace decoration of eighteenth century,offers you different flavours from different regions of Anatolia where the cooking became a traditional a... [More]

Pasazade Restaurant Ottoman Cuisine

May 5, 2010 23:50 by haci
The Turkish tribes that once took the long trek from Asia to Anatolia had carried with much success this rich culture which stemmed from the Far and which they had enriched with the materials gathered from every country along their pathway to their new homeland cradling so many civilisations. It was... [More]

Adonin Cafe & Restaurant

May 5, 2010 23:36 by haci
Adonin Café & Restaurant is located in Ticarethane sokak, a quiet side street to Divan Yolu Caddesi, in central Sultanahmet , a busy city street leading up towards to the city's Grand Bazaar. The restaurant is close to the main attractions as the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and the Cisterns. ... [More]

Kathisma Restaurant Istanbul

May 5, 2010 23:18 by haci
The Kathisma is easily recognizable by its picturesque colored mosaic gracing the front wall and entrance. Located in a Byzantine vault near the Blue Mosque, the restaurant offers a menu boasting a delicious array of top notch à la carte international and Turkish dishes. Popular with tourists and Tu... [More]

Amedros Cafe & Bar

May 5, 2010 23:13 by haci
• Istanbul where the two continents meet, • The city of love and peace that all sorts of religions islam, christianity and judaism lived and lives happly, • Lets meet at Cafe Amedros in Sultanahmet where you will find the best hospitality and enjoy the best food while feeling the historical mys... [More]

Ciya Sofrasi

October 8, 2009 01:22 by haci
  Ciya Sofrasi offers forgotten dishes of Gaziantep and South cuisine’s dishes besides the most distinguished ones . Antep’s specialized kebabs and home made food might specially be suggested. It attracts a wide variety of customers from noon to evening time. Long and detailed chats to the che... [More]

Kasibeyaz Restaurant

October 8, 2009 01:16 by haci
Kasibeyaz Restaurant Adres : Şenlikköy, çatal sokak no:17 Florya / İstanbul - TÜRKİYE Lezzet Hattı : 444 10 40 Tel : + 90 212 663 28 90 (pbx) Fax : + 90 212 663 60 75 E-posta : iletisim@kasibeyaz.com.tr http://www.kasibeyaz.com.tr

Borsa Restaurant

October 8, 2009 01:09 by haci
Borsa is at Lütfi Kirdar Convention Center and open every day between 12:16:00 and 18:00-23:00. Reservation is a must. Soft music is played from CD. Hünkar begendi (eggplant pureé), keskek , vegetables with olive oil, especially pilaki (dried beans with olive oil) are strongly recommended. Addres... [More]

Mikla Restaurant

October 8, 2009 00:58 by haci
Mikla With Mikla, Istanbul Food & Beverage Group’s goal is to really stretch “customer’s senses” to their upper limits by combining quality food and beverage with the elements of exquisitely relaxing design and distinguished music. It is a Meditterranean restaurant with a clear emphasis o... [More]

360 Istanbul Restaurant & Bar

October 7, 2009 22:21 by haci
As the name implies, this restaurant offers a stunning 360 degree view of the city. Although quiet at lunch, it transforms into a sophisticated and trendy nightspot. The fare is more or less international, with a range of exotic dishes. Try dishes like Prawns in a Jar with Lemon Grass, or the Bol... [More]

Hamdi Restaurant

October 7, 2009 22:11 by haci
About Us Hamdi Arpacı came from Urfa, Birecik to Istanbul towards to end of the 1960’s. He opened his first counter at the corner of the parking lot situated next to Eminonu, New Mosque. With a small grill and itinerant counter, he offered delicious kebab specialties to the small trade’s people an... [More]

Kosebasi Restaurant

October 7, 2009 22:03 by haci
  Since 1995, Kosebasi is the only restaurant chain that is true to the traditional recipes of South Anatolia. Kosebasi has managed to capture this traditional taste and is committed to continue to offer not only a cultural event but also an introduction to Anatolian lifestyle. Kosebasi was ... [More]

Develi Kebap Restaurant

October 1, 2009 01:31 by haci
Welcome to the Develi Kebap Web Site Develi Restaurants, which serve the Turkish Cuisine delightfully since 1912, continue to offer the sweet tastes and different pleasures for your palates with their quality service principle integrated with health and hygiene concept under the supervision of emp... [More]

Sunset Grill & Bar

August 31, 2009 00:25 by haci
Since it opened 15 years ago, Sunset Grill&Bar has lost none of its appeal or popularity. Enjoy delicious, unique fare, our Sushi Bar and an unparalleled wine list – all accompanied by a stunning view of the Bosphorus. Offering indoor seating for 140 in the winter, Sunset Grill&Bar accommo... [More]

Feriye Lokantası

August 31, 2009 00:20 by haci
We serve hundreds of guests daily at Feriye, which is situated at one of the loveliest spots on the Istanbul Bosphorus. Pleasing our customers and making sure that they leave Feriye happy is our highest mission. To fulfill that mission properly and get to know you better, we would like to invite our... [More]

Imbat Restaurant Istanbul

August 31, 2009 00:13 by haci
Dining pleasure with the panoramic view of Istanbul, Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace and St. Sophia, Imbat restaurant, with its both closed and open terrace parts is one of the best place to eat in Sirkeci district. Because, when you seat towards the panoramic view at Imbat Restaurant, you can see both ... [More]

Sultanahmet Fish House

August 30, 2009 06:23 by haci
The Sultanahmet Fish House Restaurant,Ozlem-Hacı Simsek, Ercan Ceylan and Yasar Celen, after their long years experience in tourism and restaurant managership, was opened to serve you the most delicious taste. We wish to be with you in our restaurant under the atmosphere which will make you feel at ... [More]