Sepetciler Kasri

March 15, 2010 23:35 by haci

sepetciler kasri It's located at Sarayburnu area at Eminonu district, at the entrance of the Golden Horn. The Kiosk was built in the 16th century by Sultan Murat III within the grounds of Topkapi Palace and was renovated by Sultan Mahmud I in 1739. It was also used as a boat house for imperial boats and the sultans used to watch their navy leaving or returning to/from a campaign. During the Republic era, the Sepetciler Kiosk was used as an army pharmacy and than left empty until its restoration in the late 1980's. Nowadays, a section of it serves as an International Press Center of the General Directorate of Press, and another section is a popular restaurant and night club. The restaurant is open everyday and gets very busy for Sunday brunches, but the Press Center is not open to the general public.

Tel: (212) 519 18 17